Each piece has a story to tell


Founded in 2012, IrinasBeauty is a brand of fashion accessories handcrafted with traditional materials.
Over the years we have experimented with various materials and molds in order to create unique and exclusive pieces.
We are inspired by symbols that remind us of past memories and create stylized and modern pieces. We use materials such as cork, ceramics, the fabric of Viana's handkerchiefs and the embroidered valentine's handkerchiefs and we love it, we simply love Viana's heart!!!

We work with customizations which allow us to know each client in a unique way, we create pieces with stories, memories and memories. Each customer who contacts us to make a personalized piece takes home not only a fashion accessory, but a piece with feeling.
The female name we put on each necklace corresponds to a client, a woman who encouraged us and helped create the pieces that are now part of our collection!

My name is Irina Ferreira and I am a mother, housewife and engineering professional. I studied polymers and have always worked in this area, but I believe that we should follow our passion, our dreams, so whenever I could I created something.
A dream that came true after three angels descended from heaven, my partners! Three people who believed in “my dreams” and invested in this project. We are now a team that works to bring you pieces made of unparalleled love, dreams come true and with many stories to tell.
The colors, music and flavors of life are the inspiration for my “almost addiction”… With what everyday life offers me, I create unique and completely handmade pieces.
The power to create exclusive pieces comes from the possibility of preserving the individual style and essence of each woman who looks for a form of expression in accessories. The combination of materials is unique in each piece and the final product is the result of careful, creative and unique work.
The smile provoked by the result of these creations is the motivation that drives me to continue and innovate more and more.

Each piece is a piece of me, my affection and my passion!

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